Gemini Science Archive

This page provides access to data from the Gemini Observatory. The Observatory has deployed a new archive service described here and it can be accessed from the link in the menu to the left. All proprietary data must now be retrieved using this service.

The CADC will continue to provide access to public Gemini data through its Advanced Search service. For convenience a link to a search page for the Gemini collection is provided in the menu to the left.


Any paper that includes any data obtained with one or both of the Gemini telescopes should use the appropriate acknowledgement as a footnote on the first page of the paper.

If your research benefits from the use of the SVO Filter Profile Service, we would appreciate if you could include the following acknowledgement in your publication:

This research has made use of the SVO Filter Profile Service supported from the Spanish MINECO through grant AYA2017-84089.

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